Mamod twin cylinder SE3 steam to electricity

At Cubs we are doing the scientist badge as an extra show and tell I brought along my dads Mamod S.E.3 Steam Engine and hooked a 9v motor to the buffing wheel via an elastic band.   It managed to make the led light up and impress the cubs. Before I use it again i need to make a mount for the motor so the band dose not fly off every time you try and take a photo/video.



Brickett speedtest monitor

Well we have been having some problems with our isp’s speed dropping out so I thought I could use the pi to test every hour and make a log. the Folks over at makezine  have made a nice how to so I did not have to figure anything out. Message my twitter account for graphs until i get them on the website.

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Bricklett Programs

I use the following projects. More to come later.

An edited morse code  from that flashes an led , beeps a buzzer.

Ccrisan motioneye

The Joe Editor

xscreensavers GLtext to show the date – Though I do want to make a dashboard with other stuff installed.


Attached photos are of my raspberry pi Tablet project #bricklett.

wp-1458213992589.jpg wp-1458213999945.jpg

Makibes 7inch_HDMI_LCD_(C) £37.99

Raspberry pi 2b £25.99 + power cable and sd card.

Ravpower battery bank £22.99

Attached speaker is a kitsound pocketboom £12.48

Twisted Veins HDMI  £5.43

Pi Cobbler £5.95

Raspberry pi camera  £19.04

Camera cable. £3.99

Laser Cutting + Plastic by Thanks Rob.

Total cost – £107.92

+ Edimax wifi £7.01

Amazon Wishlist for the parts-

Raspberry pi 2 Tablet – Bricklett

So Whilst doing some site maintenance i realize that i haven’t posted an update of the completed raspberry pi tablet – nicknamed Bricklett.
Here are some photos of it a while ago. It has since had some stickers applied.

Front of pi tablet

Front of pi tablet

side of tablet

side of tablet

messy back of tablet

messy back of tablet