Website updated.

2 years without a post? As I have updated my CV I thought a website update of a few things would be a good idea. I normally don’t post on here much or on any social media much but I have updated the links to Twitter and Instagram.

Brickett speedtest monitor

Well we have been having some problems with our isp’s speed dropping out so I thought I could use the pi to test every hour and make a log. the Folks over at makezine  have made a nice how to so I did not have to figure anything out. Message my twitter account for graphs until i get them […]

Bricklett Programs

I use the following projects. More to come later. An edited morse code  from that flashes an led , beeps a buzzer. Ccrisan motioneye The Joe Editor xscreensavers GLtext to show the date – Though I do want to make a dashboard with other stuff installed.


Attached photos are of my raspberry pi Tablet project #bricklett. Makibes 7inch_HDMI_LCD_(C) £37.99 Raspberry pi 2b £25.99 + power cable and sd card. Ravpower battery bank £22.99 Attached speaker is a kitsound pocketboom £12.48 Twisted Veins HDMI  £5.43 Pi Cobbler £5.95 Raspberry pi camera  £19.04 Camera cable. £3.99 Laser Cutting + Plastic by Thanks Rob. Total cost – £107.92 + Edimax wifi £7.01 Amazon Wishlist […]

Raspberry pi 2 tablet update.

So my raspberry pi 2 turned up at maplins the other day after testing with wavesure raspbian image I managed to get the screen working on an updated stock image. I now need to work out how I’m going to design the case. I am thinking about doing a layered approach like the pibow case […]